Excelsior exam: Transition to the Registered Professional nurse Role

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    I am studying for Excelsior exam: Transition to the Registered Professional Nurse Role. This test is unlike most tests; it is not illness-intervention based. Can anyone how has taken the test (and been successful) advise me to what to look for while studying. Thanks for your help I appreciate it.
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    Remember important dates and names. I remember having to study roles of RN ASN v. BSN. Follow the content guide, passed this exam with practice exams and TCN. Best.
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    what is TCN ?
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    Quote from sw915
    what is TCN ?
    The College Network -- a publisher of study guides.
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    Know the wars and the laws and acts. I took it about a month ago and passed with a B.
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    DSTEP~how did you study for it, did you purchase the books or just studygroup & the practice exam. Thanks for your advice.
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    I used TCN module and did the practice exams through EC.

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    hi all, I am taking this exam next week. I didn't take the practice exam. Did you all find it helpful? also how many questions is this exam? how much time is allowed?
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    @ sw915- If it makes you feel any better, this is the only test I have failed with Excelsior It was pretty hard, but I went into it unprepared the first time, and more prepared the second time around and passed it Just memorize the key people and terms, and know the differences between roles of RN, BSN, LPN, unlicensed staff, etc. You can do it! =)
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    I took this exam a few weeks ago. I would study the major nursing theorists, the nursing associations/organizations, laws, rules of DNRs and delegating things. A lot of it is common sense with some historical and critical thinking questions mixed in. I just used StudyGroup101 along with the practice test and got an A.
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