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by ncredhed

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Are there any current students doing the Paramedic to RN Bridging Program through Excelsior College? I would love to hear about your experience so far. I am in NC and am ready to apply to Excelsior. TCN almost had me roped in... Read More

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    Quote from BrillyD
    sorry - it was 4 nursing exams and 1 pre-req course but I passed life span 1 yesterday (woot!!) so now I'm at 5 nursing exams. I started in July and wanted to be done by December but it's not gonna happen (cash resources are not cooperating). I started out doing 2 at a time, but it gets a little expensive and I'm also trying to save for the clinical weekend at the same time, so a more moderate pace will have to do.
    FIVE nursing exams in a little over 3 months!!! I better get on my game! Congrats!
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    Don't be embarass you doing good so far and it's very expensive!
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