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Hello, looking for advice regarding the Excelsior College of Nursing LPN to RN degree. I just enrolled, and am looking for some "words of wisdom". Thanks, Marianne... Read More

  1. by   KitkatPRN
    Quote from sunshiine:)
    KitKatPRN, Im using Sheri Taylor's online workshop...do you think this is sufficient?
    I think her online workshop helped me pass the labs, no doubt. I would recommend taking the EC conferences for documentation and careplanning, as well. I didn't take them the first time around and failed, took them the second time and passed with no repeats !! :-) I did not buy Sherri's workbook for careplanning, though ... that may have helped so I can't really say. I do think that what really helped me the second time was that I carried the PCS packet in my pocket for quick reference vs. setting it down on a "clean" surface. I also didn't write out a "grid", I instead wrote my mnuemonics on the Kardex next to each AOC I was assigned, worked much better for me on my second time.
  2. by   JustNursn
    I wish the Excelsior naysayers didn't post their negativity here. With that being said to the negative poster...since you don't attend Excelsior and are hearing one side of a story probably best not to say anything since you don't have personal experience with CPNE. This forum should be used for questions and encouragement not negativity!