Excelsior A&P Exam

  1. Hey ya'll!! So I have decided to take A&P as my first exam for Excelsior. I was looking over the content guide and the materials they recommended and was wondering if anyone used just Study Group 101 for this exam? I took A&P about 3 years ago and did pretty good (B on both I and II) but Excelsior is not transferring it because it was from a technical college (really sucks!) So can anyone give me any feedback from using studygroup101 and if it is easy to follow the content guide with it? Thanks guys!
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  3. by   mochasouter
    I am using sg101 and the book...I've learned that they don't always have everything on the sg101 cd that the content guide wants and a lot of their answers are wrong to the practice exams. I'm using some info from the cd but mostly using the book with the content guide along with vangonotes. This exam cost too much to mess with in my opinion LOL!!! And it's my last one before I can finish my nursing exams.
  4. by   RaleighNurse
    I completely agree!! Where did you buy the book from? I have been searching online and I cannot find anything really cheap! I was really wanting to do an e-book but I'm not seeing one of those either. I am nervous to use my book I used when I was in LPN school, but then again, how much can really change about a&p. How long do you think your going to study for? Thanks for the reply! Good luck!!!
  5. by   mochasouter
    I still had my book from when I took it back in 2006-2007 so that's the textbook I am using. It's all the same. I used the micro book that I used from 2006 and I passed. I didn't buy a new book. That book was really expensive. The sg101 cd has the whole txtbook on it. The same book I have except it is a newer version so if you buy the sg101 cd off of ebay you will have the whole textbook. The cd was $12.
  6. by   mochasouter
    I am taking the exam at the end of May. I started studying the same day I passed micro. Saturday April 27th so about 4 weeks. That's about how long I took for micro.
  7. by   RaleighNurse
    So I bought sg101 last night and WOW!! There is like 1900 pages!!! I'm pretty positive I won't be able to read this in the amount of time I want to test (same time as you) I guess I'm going to go by the content guide and just look up the areas that are a higher percentage and read those until I test. Good luck!!!
  8. by   mochasouter
    When I printed stuff out, I didn't print out all of those practice exams....I just printed out the readings for each subject.....I think it will help some.....I printed my stuff out at work....is this the last science class or prereq you need? I still need info lit but I am gonna wait on that one. Taking reproductive health next. Ready to test now but can't. Had to take micro and a/p first so this is my last science class!!!
  9. by   ChrisRicci
    I just printed out the study areas which is like 160 pages, the instructions say you don't need to print everything like the pictures and quizzes, and you don't have to read every page if you do good on the quizzes for that section. I think the additional pages are just to help you learn if you need them. Like, some people can read and learn and other people need visual to learn, so I think thats what they do - put everything in there to cover different learning types. I just looked up the areas from the content guide - you can search the study guide for different words - then you don't have to read 1900 pages.
  10. by   mochasouter
    No I didn't print out the quizzes and stuff. Just the text and power points all the units. They are pretty short without the quizzes and stuff.
  11. by   mochasouter
    What section are you on in the content guide? I'm on section 3.
  12. by   RaleighNurse
    Ok but I don't know how to find all the material I need to study for because it is such a large file. Is there an easy way to find it in the sg101 study guide?
  13. by   mochasouter
    You just look at the pages you are on and only print those pages. That's what I did. Most of the reading content is only 9 pages, 4 pages, 5 pages, etc....I put it all in a binder in the order the content guide is in. That's what I did for micro too because they usually follow the content guide. If you print out all the tests then they will be 70+ pages each time. That's what I did. Not taking all of those practice tests. Gonna do the ec practice exam.
  14. by   mochasouter
    When you click print, a dialog box will come up and in the page range section, instead of selecting all (which is the default option), click pages. Then you will select what pages you want to print. So if it is pages 5-9 you type in the box 5-9. Make sure you have your page numbers correct because whatever page numbers you type in, those are the pages it will print out. When you make that selection it will only print out the page numbers you type in.