EC students: how long did you wait to take NCLEX?

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    How long did you wait from finishing the CPNE before taking your boards. Also, how long was it since your last EC nursing exam before you took the boards. I am having a hard time studying...
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    I took my last nursing exam in October 2007, CPNE in June 2008 and NCLEX in August 2008. Studied using Saunders and the NCLEX 3500 CD-ROM. Good luck!
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    Oh, and finished CPNE June 15, 2008.
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    It took 10 months to get a date for the CPNE? WOW!
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    I applied in November 2007 and didn't get my date until April 2008... it was torture!!! Lots of students, not enough sites. I only wanted Mansfield, though.
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    Lunah did you find it hard to start reviewing for the NCLEX? I feel like I need to review everything again which is very time consuming? Or did you just refresh your memory by answering questions?
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    I started by using the Sauders book. I skipped to the end of each chapter and did the practice questions. If I did well, I'd move on to the next chapter. If not, I'd review that chapter before moving on. I also did a ton of practice questions on the CD-ROM. I felt like EC prepared us well for the NCLEX.