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If you go through EC is it quick? What is the fastest people can study and take tests?... Read More

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    From start date to graduation date, it took me 23 months to complete EC. But, I studied the heck out of everything and was aiming to keep my GPA as high as possible (looking towards an MSN track), so I spent a lot of time preparing for each exam. EC was my first choice because: 1. Texas BON was fine with it, 2. The program was fully-accredited, and 3. I could not afford to take two years off from full time work (paramedic) to attend any of the brick n' mortar nursing schools in my area. Got bills to pay and a family to feed

    So was it worth it for me? I passed the CPNE and NCLEX the first time around and was just offered the "dream job" I was really hoping for as an emergency department RN at my favorite hospital. During that interview, my new employer had absolutely no problem with an EC education... never came up as an issue or concern, and in fact, the "self-discipline" needed to complete the program on your own can be a strong selling point.

    Hope it helps!
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