1. I've seen a lot of people mention their CPNE grid on the boards here and on various websites. I can't however find anything about it in the cpne study guide. Is it just something that people have learned to do over time? Or is it some sort of requirement that I'm not finding.

    Personally, I don't love mnemonics but I guess I could work on some if need be...
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    There are some sample grids here: http://allnurses.com/excelsior-colle...ec-308371.html

    It is not something EC covers in the study guide, but students have been using them for a long time to stay organized during the CPNE. I think the evaluators at the site see them as a positive sign of organization as well -- that's what they told me.
  4. by   nursemami4
    Thank you Lunah for posting this valuable and greatly appreciated info that Ivan and you kindly shared!!! I love it and will be referring to it as a way to come up with my study plan!
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    No problem! Just remember that this was written under an earlier edition of the study guide, so make sure that if you (or anyone) decides to use his mnemonics, they need to be updated against the latest version of the study guide. Best of luck to you!!
  6. by   laceygirl
    i used mnemonics and a grid for my cpne. they helped me stay organized and not forget anything
    good luck
  7. by   tnmarie
    I know I thought I missed something when I got through the study guide and didn't see any mention of grids. The best explanation that I got came from the CPNE notes attached to this forum. Based on previous explainations, I didn't even plan on using grids (though I'm not using traditional grids, I will be using a similar system).