CPNE DATE in sight!!!!!!

  1. Praise to God!!!!! Scheduled to take and pass GOD WILLING CPNE in Utica May 31st!!! Butterflies in my stomach....nervous.....anyone else taking it that time and place? Ugh!!! Can't wait for that to be over and then study for NCLEX!!!!!!
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  3. by   mstucker
    Ive been thinking about going to excelsior, but Ive been reading all these horrible reviews abot the cpne now im having 2nd thoughts. what kind of information can u give me to help me make up my mind
  4. by   BeachCathyRN
    Took and passed my CPNE in Utica in May of 2012 - loved it, small hospital and CA and CE's very nice. They really want you to pass you just have to show them you know what you are doing. There were 7 my weekend and 6 passed, the one who didn't never took a workshop, just thought she had been a LPN long enough she knew what she was doing-also told us she glanced at the study guide-big mistake!! I read that 4 times-broke it down, highlighted and tabbed it-did I mention I over prepare-LOL
    I took Sherri Taylor's online and in person workshop-like I said I over prepare. Her online is fantastic and has videos of labs and PCS's you can watch over and over, plus I recommend her CPNE guide-has great mnemonics and great charting examples. I used them for my CPNE and got compliments for my charting saying very thorough.

    There is allot of info on how to prepare for CPNE on her just search CPNE - you can read for days!!!

    Good Luck!!!
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    NvRGvUp, I am going to be rooting for you!!!