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  1. 1 Did anyone that passed their FCCA t a few weeks ago get a CPNE date yet?
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    Nothing yet
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    What region did you apply to?
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    All npac sites
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    You should try calling them if you are trying to get a date pretty quick
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    Lubbock tx
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    I am also waiting. I applied to NPAc PA sites. Are we supposed to call or do tb00000.

    I also applied for NPAC PA sites. Are we supposed to call them or do they send us a message when they get a date?\
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    Hi Medic, I applied on the 4th...all docs were accepted on the 5th...and I got a cancellation date 10 days later. I'm testing up at Utica on May31st....Lindseyvam also got her date in June at Albany. I emailed the NPAC coordinator introducing myself after my app was accepted and then again a few days later asking if there were any cancellations---she replied that day and I got my confirmation packet that night. Give em a call...lemme know what they say.
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    E-mailing the scheduler is how I got my date so fast. She is awesome!
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    For those of you that e-mailed, where do I find the e-mail address? Thanks
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    Just got my CPNE date. Anyone else testing at St Peters in Albany on June 28th?
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    So I see the wait time right now is approximately three months, give or take. Are you all doing a workshop? If so what one?
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    I'm going to Sheri's this weekend even though I'm still waiting on my date.