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Chronicity study guide??

  1. 0 Been looking for The College Network Study guide for Chronicity.. Anyone know where I can find one?
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    The best place to look is in the various Facebook groups or eBay. Just a reminder for anyone else who might respond to this: no soliciting to buy or sell in the forums. Thanks!
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    Check your PM box :-)

    Edit: I totally misread what you were asking for, sorry! Ebay is your best bet, but I've had lots of trouble finding TCN modules. I was initially going to use TCN for the entire program but (a) I had a hard time finding TCN modules and (b) it turns out that the recommended reading was WAY cheaper than the modules that I did manage to find.

    It worked out great because that lead me to completing the entire program using the recommended reading, which I actually ended up prefering to all other methods.

    Oh well, maybe the link to the notes I sent you will be of some help.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the replies, and yes tnmarie I'm finding the same thing.. Oh well on to another venue..
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    I wouldn't use the TCN module for that exam....I used it and another person I know used it and we both agreed that it is no good!!! When we got into the test it felt like it was a completely different exam other that what we read. We both failed it with a D. I am going to use the ex content guide to re-study when I go to re-take it. That's just my opinion though. Good Luck.