Caring for peds in CPNE

  1. Hey all. First time on the boards here. Finally done with the painfully long excelior (and painfully expensive) experience. Just applied for my CPNE date.
    Wondered how many of you had to do a PCS with infants. Its my understanding there is an age limit (maybe 18 months?). Super nervous about that one. I have no infant experience other than LPN clinicals years ago. I have a ton of step down med surge experience, 10 yrs at Cleveland Clinic but honestly I rarely even pick up an infant! Niece and nephews are all older. Any tips? No way to pick up in peds or mother-baby as those units are tight and need RN. I will take the CPNE at MAnsfield, OH... do they even have OB units? Thanks!!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I tested at Mansfield in 2008 and had an adult substitute for my peds patient; however, one of my co-testers had an infant on isolation, so it's possible to get a kid. I don't think Mansfield has an actual peds unit, but they do have pediatric patients from time to time ... probably nothing too acute. I think the most important things to remember with pediatric patients is to never turn your back on them with siderails down (safety safety safety!) and knowing how to assess pediatric patients for the various areas of care, like checking the fontanel with the infant upright, or how to assess for neuro status -- tracking a toy, moving all extremities, etc.

    Mansfield's website for info:

    Out of curiosity, why was Excelsior so expensive for you? Generally it's one of the less expensive programs around, unless you sign a contract with a third-party publisher...
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    Could have been the 3rd party. I went through Rue edjucation. Total loan was for about $13000 (including CPNE skills kit and NCLEX review). I also had about 3 semesters transfer from previous degree. They miss counted my credits which meant an unexpect $500 at the time of CPNE. But the tests got me. Each test $250, Excelsior tuition fee (which went up twice on me) CPNE fee which is now $2000. Lots of money, plus graduation fee. The program prepared me well enough and the self study was nice with work and a family but if I had the option to do it again I would have just gone through my hospitals program. Thankfully, work covered all but test fees so basically half. Thanks for the tips on Mansfield and peds. I tried to pick the smallest hospital around for comfort. I am hoping they sub an adult for me but we will see. Thanks!
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    the infant can be 2 weeks old as a PCS Pt
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    Wow, $13K?? That is about twice what I paid, without going through a publisher. Granted, I was testing back in 2007/2008 and tuition was a smidgeon cheaper (the CPNE was $1825, for example), but I think my total was $6700. I was fortunate enough to receive a $3K scholarship from the Ladies Board at the hospital where I worked, and my employer reimbursed me for the CPNE ahead of time (thank goodness I passed, or it would have eaten at least a paycheck and a half -- you have to pay my employer back immediately if you fail, and they'll take it out of your paycheck first!!). So out of my pocket, I only paid for Info Lit, enrollment, the A&P practice test, and a couple of CLEPs. Total for me: $1375. Can't beat that! That figure does not include books/study guide costs, which I estimate at $300 ... and I re-sold many of my study guides on eBay, so I largely recouped that cost. Good stuff.

    In any case, the bottom line is that you have been successful with the program ... there are so many people who sign contracts with publishers and never take a test or who discover that distance learning isn't for them, and they still owe all that money. Ugh. That is a terrible situation!