buying used college network binders

  1. Hi all i've just finished enrolled in excelsior and am looking forward to starting my studying. im going to clep and exam as many classes as i can because i have to do all my gen ed classes n the $$$$ start to rack up. so my question is someone at work is offering to sell me three college network binders for 40 bucks. chronicity,health differences and intro this a good deal or is the material even worth studying. im not sure how old the binders are.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    $40 for three is a pretty good deal. They sound like they are pretty current -- chronicity and health differences exams are current nursing exam titles. I would also encourage you to use other sources besides these binders, though -- they don't always cover everything. The EC exam content guides will help you figure out if those guides are lacking any info. Good luck, and welcome to the madness!
  4. by   hopelee9101
    Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  5. by   mochasouter
    I agree with LUNAH....I would use the content guide....I used the transitions and chronicity college network binders and I feel like they didn't help me...I failed both of them with a "D"....I am gonna use the content guide and recommended books this time....When I took the Chronicity exam....I thought I was in the wrong test....Nothing that I read seemed to correlate with what the exam was asking me. I am trying to get rid of all of my binders...I started purchasing the books that I don't have and I am almost done buying them...I have been on Amazon and half price books....There are a lot of ppl on the excelsior college site that sell their books too when they are done....they usually post them on the message boards....
  6. by   natnat122
    Heck yeah thats a good deal!! I bought one for like 50 bucks.