Applied and paid for CPNE today!!!

  1. 0 Well with a very shaky hand, I submitted my CPNE application! I am hoping to test around June in Madison. Not sure where to start, but I will figure it out. Have most of the supplies to set up my labs. Any comments/concerns about I think it's Sherry's online workshop? Does it help dramatically for the actual CPNE?
    Thanks and good luck to everyone!
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    Passed CPNE in May of 2012 and still remember I felt like I wanted to throw up when I hit submit for my application! Sherri Taylor's is fantastic-her online has videos of labs and PCS's you can watch over and over. I also recommend buying her CPNE guide it has great mnemonics and charting examples. I used them all for my CPNE and made it soooooooo much easier. Also took the documentation workshop from Excelsior and used Sheri's charting and they said my charting was perfect!!!

    Lots of info on here for preparing for CPNE just search and you will have hours and hours of reading - Good Luck!!!
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    Thank you so much for the info! My nerves tend to overrule me sometimes so I need to just remember to focus. I am going to do the online workshop. I won't be able to go to an actual workshop so the online will have to do. I just want to get done with this. I have been doing it since july 2009. I am sooo ready to be an RN!
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    Figuring out where to start studying is the hardest part. Start with reading the manual and go from there. A workshop is good. I took the Excelsior one and found it to be very helpful. Not only was the material good, but it also helped to organize my studying instead of flitting from one subject to another.
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    first read the study guide, break it down, learn your aoc's and mnemonics. learn the paperwork how to fill out the pcs form and start your careplans and narrative notes. i would start practicing labs last. they are the easiest.
    EC's workshop was good. try to get all the hands on you can. good luck
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    Hello I was wondering if the college network study guides good enough to study for excelsior exams? I'm in the process of buying them used to complete my set.
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    Quote from Msmytch1
    Hello I was wondering if the college network study guides good enough to study for excelsior exams? I'm in the process of buying them used to complete my set.
    Yes i used them. They are very helpful. Everything that is bold you must know. Worth the buy .
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    if you do go to a workshop, wait until you've read the study guide. i would suggest the new workshop in Miami i went to the free one. they were nice and showed us alot

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