Advice for sociology and life span psychology

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    I need advice for sociology and life span pshycology classes.I do not have any experience for CLEP.
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    The CLEP fact sheets have a list of books you can use to study for each exam. Using the list check the library, used book stores, Amazon, eBay for the book - I always check the books to see if they have companion websites that have free quizzes, which seems to help me learn the subject better.
    On Life Span development / Human Growth - they recommend the same book as excelsior so I also got the excelsior content guide syllabus and used that to study. You then need to check the test center and find your closest test center, usually a college, and contact them on their testing schedule and fees information on how to schedule. Then start reading, taking notes and do all of the end of chapter questions. Studygroup101 has a good study guide for life span for $10 that you can use, it has lots of quiz questions. I think the CLEP exams are really good option for alot of exams and you can save so much money that way - hope that helps bril

    Clep - Intro to Sociology

    Clep - Human Growth & Development

    Test Center search
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    I recommend the REA study guide for both subjects. That is how I did them. Used the REA, studied for about two weeks and passed with no problems. Good luck!
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    I read Cliff's Notes books to prepare for CLEP tests, and passed them every time!
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    Thanks BrillyD , tnmarie ,kristandrews for your valuable advice
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    Hi tnmarie,

    I checked on Amazon about REA study guide.Did you get them from Amazon?
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    Thanks a lot tnmarie