ADN and BSN from Excelsior Nursing to MBA or Med programs.

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    Has anyone had any experience or knowledge with coming from Excelsior (or any accredited online program) and getting into top MBA program (or atleast a good known school)?

    Same thing for med schools?

    Also I know a lot of MBA programs have no pre reqs besides bachelor's degrees and med schools have their own courses for pre reqs... but do these type of grad programs makebyou have a certain amount of credits (like all GenEd requirements, including history, etc) or just the bachelor's from Excelsior and specified pre reqs is what I need?

    Again, any help is appreciated!

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    You would be hard pressed to gain entry to med school with an online degree for this reason - lack of lab component in your sciences.
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    If I decided to proceed to med school I would enroll in a 4 year for the pre reqs, especially the sciences... or do you think just by getting the online degree its a long shot?

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