The "nurse in the family" business

  1. I am the "nurse in the family" and really love being there for family members when they go to appts, referrals, etc... There has to be a business opportunity out there for this. What do you think? Consdering putting an ad in the local (very small town) paper for a "Healthcare Facilitator" - get to know patient and family, go to doctor appts to make sure concerns are addressed, all questions asked and answered then follow up with patient and family at home. Is there a way to bill for this type of thing or would it all have to be just private pay?

    Anyway, just a thought. You always have such wonderful responses and insight and I appreciate your comments. Thanks
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  3. by   imelissa1
    It's sounds like Case Management to me. I subcontract from a company in Maine (I live in Massachusetts) to Case Manage patients that insurance companies consider a "risk". I get paid to meet the patient, interview to determine needs, streamline doctor's visits and ensure consistant communication between the insurer, doctor and insurance company. I become their go-to for any health concerns and have managed to keep them from being hospitalized since my becoming involved.
    It's a growing field that I have been hearing of more and more. I just had a company who strictly case manages contact me after seeing my resume on Monster. They are in desperate need for any nurses who have experience in this area.
    Good luck!
  4. by   tewdles
    Yup, I agree that you are describing a professional RN case management business. I have a friend that has been in this field for 30 years now, self employed and autonomous. She also sub-contracts with health and auto insurance companies.
  5. by   mAGGI315
    How do you get started in doing private case management? The only case managers I've worked with are ones who are paid by the insurance companies or hospitals/facilities? What are some companies that are hiring case managers? I think this is a growing field and there is a definite need. It would save tons of money to have more private case managers, I would love to do this, just have no idea how to start. I already do it off the record for my maternity patients, by going with them to consults, referrals, f/u's, etc. It would be nice to find a company that might actually pay me to do it!
  6. by   imelissa1
    I'm in the same situation as you, mAGGI. I'm looking to start my own business and don't feel as if I should be giving advice in this area. If I were you, I'd include these skills on my resume and post it on Monster. I was saught out by several companies there looking for case managers. I'd be searching 'case manager' and/or 'clinical liason' on job postings and check out I'm sure you can find a ton of helpful information there.