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I like to start up my own home health business in Northern Virginia and my main focus is to care for veterans first. Can anyone give me some pointers like the ups and downs owning a home health... Read More

  1. by   AdiaRN
    i am trying to make a decision if it is easier to start assisted living facility or adult day care. if it is adult day care they don't have to be their 24/7 which makes it easier in a lot of ways.

    you can check out this website. it is checklist for adult day care center which is similar to the assisted living.

    good luck
  2. by   amadub00
    I am very interested, if you started a HHA in Airzona?
  3. by   AdiaRN
    I don't have HHA and live in florida. If you look at the first page, there are some nurses who have info on HHA.
  4. by   govprop2000
    First you will need to determine if your state/county has a CON certificate of need. If they require one then it will take some money but I have a solution to that.

    CON's usually require some legal fees to get around the states determination of home health census in that area.
    It would be much more cost effective to start an agency in a state that doesn't require a CON such as the state I reside in; Oklahoma. My costs ran slightly less than $25,000 but I am an RN so performing most the functions myself I saved a great amount of salaries (nurse consultant, director of clinical services, administrator (I am licensed),) all I have to pay for is a medical director and a outside consultant (must have). This may be a friend that you pay however keep in mind these functions serve as outside help to your company which otherwise keeps your butt afloat when you step over a federal reg.

    Lots of money in this bussiness but the government will not just hand you this gaurenteed paycheck without you disclosing ALL financials. If you get caught making a mistake (lol or in Florida's case fraud) you can be tried and federally prosecuted. With functions recieving federal paychecks are required to follow their precedents. All crimes commited (know your bussiness law) are federally taxable, prosecutable, profit determined etc.

    Here's why this is important.

    Outcome and Assessment Information Set
    This form must be filled out by an RN (cost money) and submitted to state by an employee via a software that will be required to pass a state software test. If this form is filled out incorrectly (teaching nurses $$) then you can be audited thus causing red flags on your company thus increasing the audit rates. If you mess this up too much you will have your license pulled and possibly (depending on the damages) federally prosecuted for neglect or torts.

    I am looking for anyone wanting to open a home health agency that has investment capital that is verifiable in Oklahoma. You are not required to be a resident and I can guarantee profit within the first year.

    I am willing to teach and walk the investor through the entire process or consult.
  5. by   Kijana
    Hello govprop2000,

    How much investment capital are we talking about? I am interested. Please give me details. What is the name of your agency?

  6. by   govprop2000
    contact me at and we can discuss details
  7. by   Kai2007
    Quote from myk4408
    I can definitely help you start a Home Health Agency

    I currently have 2 home health businesses in Illinois and I am expanding to florida and in arizona. My next step is to start a consulting business to help other people start their own health care businesses. Currently Im also starting a Lab company as well.

    Hello myk4408,
    I am interested in starting a home health business, can you tell me where I can start looking for information. I am actually looking into home health visits & caregiving services.