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Anyone out there frustrated with their present nursing job? I was there a few years ago and then started writing health care related articles online for internet marketers. You can supplement your... Read More

  1. by   jem09
    Well I have been in hospital having a baby so I have only just logged back on and it is great to see more people posting, Ilovemylife...that is a great summary..
  2. by   ilovemylife
    Thanks jem09, and congrats on your little one!
  3. by   betheawakenedone
    This is a great thread! Starting your own business takes a lot of work and time because it requires you to be a bigger person and grow. What do you think are the characteristics of becoming a successful nurse entrepreneur?
  4. by   jimn
    I've always thought nurses have a lot of expertise but don't know how to leverage that knowledge in an entrepreneurial way many times.

    Additionally, there is plenty we know and can publish which doesn't need to be research based. For example, one could create a website to help people with dosage calculations.

    They key is...

    What do you know that others are interested in?
    How can you convey this information to your audience?
    How can you monetize this?
    How can you protect you intellectual property?
    Do you want to retain control of your intellectual property, or sell it to someone else?

    I have my own website which has been successful in bringing in a little extra money each month. It was definitely hard work, but I learned a lot in the endeavor, and it's very exciting to have created something and then see it generate money each month. I'm not sure if we are suppose to post other links here, but my site can be seen from my profile if you want to take a look.