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  1. I will be a newly licensed RN in NY soon. I have several friends and family members that are experienced RN's. We were looking for some input on various business ideas.

    "Concerige?" Nursing (specifically, we thought of providing services to ambulatory surgery or ED patients who were recently discharged and might need a little follow-up care, patient teaching, help with ADL's, etc.) I looked at the the Medicare/Medicaid info but it doesn't seem like they would pay for a such a service. I'm guessing private insurance wouldn't either, so it would have to be private-pay patients?

    Private Duty....as above, it seems that in NY you can only be paid with an NPI number if an agency can't or doesn't want to take the patient?

    Health coaching/teaching.....I've seen Dr's offices advertise these services (often provided by an RN), and was told that they are able to be reimbursed for them. Could a "regular' RN, working independently, do so as well?

    Telephone Triage.....perhaps contracting with an MD's office to provide services to their patients? and having an urgent care center to refer to?

    Thank you all for your input!!
  2. Poll: Which of these options is most viable in NY?

    • Conceirge Nursing

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    • Private Duty Services

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    • Health Coaching/Teaching

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    • Telephone Triage

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    • A combination of these

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    • None of these seem viable

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  4. by   overtonis
    First, I think its great your thinking big and wanting to start your own business...more nurses need to think like this and move away from being just "workers". When I think of business, I try to think what the needs will be within next 5 years and not right now necessarily. There is going to be a huge need to get everyone entered into a national healthcare database. The problem is there is no central system in place. Obama has made it clear that he wants electronic records in US healthcare system and eventually a national database. Maybe create service that goes to each person home to get medical history. This beats the alternatives that are being thrown around such as implantable chips in each person that can be scanned in event of emergency in ER. Something to think about.