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  1. Hi all - I'm trying to get a concierge nursing service going here in my part of NY. Aside from all the scope of practice/legal issues I have to take care of I was hoping for some insight into ideas on drumming up business. Since services would be provided after discharge from an ambulatory surgical center/office or from a physicians office I've tried reaching out to them, to no avail. Are there places/websites that potential patients might frequent to advertise on?

    My second question has to do with payment. Private pay is of course straightforward. What about billing private insurance companies, will they pay for this sort of thing?

    Thank you all!
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  3. by   passionflower
    Do you have marketing material such as flyers or brochures that you could leave at some of the places your clients would visit. Not just MD offices, but shopping centers and libraries, all of the day to day places people go on a normal basis. Make sure all of your material includes your business name and information and include your website if you have one. Speaking of a website updating a blog with information this particular group could use and also offering some type of workshop all can help to get your name out there.

    Will you be looking into getting reimbursement from a government source or will this be solely private pay?
  4. by   wellcoachRN
    There is an incredible organization called SCORE that would be able to help you in starting a business. They have online classes as well as mentors that could guide you Best of luck to you and your business!
  5. by   bizi
    my town offered assistance to me thru the small business center on campus 12 years ago
    and again just recently thru the womens small business center. Free of charge.
    good luck
  6. by   Nurse Mentor Nancy
    Please describe better what services you would provide to what population.
  7. by   RN_Entrepreneur89
    My apologies for the delayed response, and thank you all for your replies.

    @passionflower: I was looking more into strictly private pay, since I sort of assumed that most patients who would need services wouldn't be on medicare/medicaid. I've not even gotten to the point of making brochures yet because every plastic surgeon I call seems to scoff at the idea (or want an absurd % as a "finder's fee"). The ones that don't seem to like the idea seem almost offended - as though people leaving THEIR center wouldn't need a lowly nurse because they leave the center in perfect condition. I know similar nurse-run companies exist in other areas, but it's not immediately clear to me how they advertise themselves (other than WOM and a website)

    @wellcoachRN and @bizi: I looked into SCORE and the SBA but they don't seem to have any info/counselors that are healthcare/nursing specific. Are there any organizations out there for entrepreneurs in nursing? As for the Women's Business Center, I'm do hope it helped you, but I'm ineligible to receive services (i.e. I'm a guy )

    @NurseMentorNancy: The patient population would be those who were either discharged from an ambulatory surgery/day surgery center, ED or office and who wanted care after discharge to assist with recovery. A basic set-up might be an initial home visit, assessing their needs and getting them settled, as well as telephone support for any questions that might arise. Care that doesn't require an RN (after I assess that they don't, in fact, require one) would be delegated to an LPN or HHA depending on acuity.

    Thank you for your time....I welcome your further thoughts on this.
  8. by   bizi
    just a quick response, the womens business center helps men also so look into your town.
  9. by   NedRN
    National Nurses in Business Association perhaps. Google NNBA. However, unless you find one that has done exactly what you are planning to do, SCORE is fine. Develop a business plan: examine marketing, target clients, services offered, cost of doing business versus revenue, regulation. This is basic business development.
  10. by   RN_Entrepreneur89
    @NedRN - Thanks for your reply. I'm familiar with business development, and have a business plan in place and a few clients lined up. I guess it's more a matter of finding an effective marketing channel.
  11. by   Nurse Mentor Nancy
    Instead of going thru the docs, see if you can network with any nurses or nsg organizations in the area. Offer to speak at public events so the general public will find out what you do. Make sure once you get clients, you ask for referrals. When you are up and running, have a marketing plan in place. Many newspapers will print an announcement that you are in business. Think about a website as well. Another resource for you is