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  1. WooHoo! I passed my CFCN exam today! So excited to get my business going!
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  3. by   yrmajesty3
    EXCELLENT!!!! Care to share any of the sticky info that was covered?
    I understand that the exam is becoming more detailed every year.

    Woogy, when you are in the mood to answer a few business questions, I'd LOVE to talk to you. I am almost up and running. Trying to figure out fee schedules and how to do billing?
    If you'e gotten that far, let's chat. I would love to start an association of some sort so we can all brainstorm together.
  4. by   Race Mom
    I would definately say the thing that helped me the most was knowing my podiatric medical terminology! Without'll be lost. The Foot Care for Salon Professionals is a great book. I also learned a lot from my didactic with Dr. Overstreet (DVD so I can watch it over and over and use it as a training tool for others).

    I am going next month for MORE training, but this time with one of the leaders in the industry. I have decided that if I'm going to do this, I need to do it right or I won't have an edge on all the LPN's and Pedicurists that perform this specialized foot care. I will be using high speed podiatry drills & autoclave. I want to do this right, so I'm investing. I feel it is the most appropriate thing to do if I am going to stand by my Mission Statement.

    I hope to be taking patience by March. I already have one good lead and that was just over drinks at New Years! Didn't even try! I have to compete for clinics with HH/Hospice places (that use LPN's & CNA's--NO RN's) so I'm hoping that I can stand out enough by standing up for what's right and raise the standard of care. (I'm not trying to get up on a soapbox, I'm just confused at how we can have pedicurists getting minimal extra training to care for diabetic feet and how an LPN can assess and perform based on that assessment without an RN around).
    Anyhoo...I would love to chat! I'll send you a PM.
  5. by   footqueen
    Congratulations! I am a CFCN and recently decided to go solo! Exciting and scary. I'd love to network with others in a similar situation.

    Quote from Woogy
    WooHoo! I passed my CFCN exam today! So excited to get my business going!
  6. by   Flockone
    Quote from Woogy
    WooHoo! I passed my CFCN exam today! So excited to get my business going!
    I wish you every success!
    I am a RN looking to open my foot care nurse care business this spring. I have Dr. Overstreet's DVD. I decided to go to a local salon school and take the nail technician program for education and comfort level afforded by my clinical experience.
    I want to take the certification exam also. After being done with school next month, I am going to pursue more education on diabetic feet. Any suggestions as to what programs are full of information?
  7. by   Race Mom
    Dr. Overstreet's DVD's are definately a great learning tool. Also the book by Oscar Mix. I have checked out books at the library, geared towards diabetes. I am going to train with Laura Roehrick in Northern Cali in two weeks.
    I have thought a lot about taking a nail tech course, but I haven't had luck finding one that is cheap enough to work it in. There are DVD's out there for a fraction of the price that could teach me a lot of what I would want to know. But hands-on is always better.
  8. by   Flockone
    How long is the training with Laura? Dr. Overstreet offers a day.
    I am in NY state and the west coast travel adds up. There is training in Toronto Canada, and North Carolina (thru Taylor) I found. Also a week training in NB, Canada (but nail tech school was the same price and was 18 weeks long). I also can do people's fingernails too..opens up more possibilities for me. Meeting local podiatrists is good too.
  9. by   Race Mom
    Laura holds a two day weekend course. 1st day is the didactic training and second day is the hands on portion. She rarely offers courses. She teaches the high speed podiatry drill/vac, which I plan on using. She is also one of the nurse pioneers, having done this business for 18 years. I don't need anymore training (cert wise), but I am taking the training for the experience.
    Nurses can do the fingernails too, based on our scope of practice. You will have an edge though, with the manicure/pedicure training. I did find a class through the university, but I don't think I could take the time off to do it. Maybe one day. Most of the patients are beyond the beauty part and just need functionality, so I think my training will suffice. Hopefully I can make them feel as though their nails look nicer.
    Dr. Overstreet is only hands on. She teaches the dremel, which I don't plan on using, but my experience with her will benefit me.
  10. by   Flockone
    The salon school has helped me build my confidence and teach me marketing skills! I can also work in a salon (just opens more doors for me!-I have been in the hospital as a staff nurse for 31 years and have cut back to PT). Yes, you will help people feel much better after working on their is great to see the improvement even after one treatment! I believe we will all get personnal satisfaction for the help to people we will provide. I am excited about the future!

    May I ask where your class is being held, when, and the cost of the training? The high speed podiatry/vac looks like the way to go for me also.

    Thank you for the advice on the book you purchased. I have a copy coming to me from Amazon.
    It looks like a very helpful tool to add to my library.

    Hopefully more footcare nurses will join us on this thread. Networking and support of each other is what we all could use!
  11. by   bizi
    Hi I just found the old thread in the general nursing discussion forum entitled foot care training. Wonder why it was moved but I bumped it up in case any new foot care nurses wanted to read thru the thread.
  12. by   sirI
    The old thread was more about certifying in this, not as an Entrepreneur. We'll keep this strictly "business".
  13. by   bizi
    thank you
    I wonder how other foot care nurses generate new clients?
    I am having a hard time.
    I just started advertising in the yellow book, printed and on line. This is expensive.
    Also my ad on the backs of my local pharmacy bags will be coming out soon. This was cheap!
    Hope it works!
    I was approached by a low income housing project manager to provide discounted foot care
    and am not wanting to do this, but may have to...we are dipping into savings since my business has decreased.
    I am losing more clients then I am getting new ones to replace them.
    Podiatrists are in the nursing homes, I am in several assisted living facilities, they know me. Advertising in a senior paper for 6 months never got a call. Sent letters to DON's of home care companies....I am running out of ideas.
    thanks for any input.
  14. by   sirI
    I agree the Yellow Pages are very expensive.

    Are you able to go to conventions, workshops, seminars and exhibit your business? I do that with my Medical-Legal consulting business.

    Have you considered creating brochures and/or newsletters and sending to current/potential clients, outlining what your business has to offer?

    Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce? You can normally get great deals on advertising with what they send out in the County.

    If you have already established contact with your client(s), you could utilize email updates/interesting information regarding your line of business.

    You could try sending "discount" flyer services to current/potential clients.

    Have you tried luncheons for clients? Get in the door and do a presentation of your business.

    We do not have the same business, but are Entrepreneurs and can share similar ideas.