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  1. by   bizi
    Thank you sir1,
    I appreciated your feed back.
    I am such a small business.....and money is tight right now.
    I think I am regretting taking out the ad in the yellow pages now.
    I will look into the chamber, see how expensive it is.
    I have done health fairs in the past with out any luck...
    I still do one because they are so nice to me.
    I give out mini manicures while there, the ladies love it!
    I look at it as community service really.
  2. by   sirI
    I tried the Yellow Pages for a couple years and was a bust plus very expensive.

    Do you belong to a local/state/national chapter for Foot Care?

    Once you do initial design of brochures/newsletters, the expense is minimal.

    I'd certainly stick with Health Fairs, etc.

    I like doing luncheons for clients/potential clients. Once you have your presentation created, not all that expensive. Sometimes, when doing a luncheon, that's all it is. No "shop talk", but I'm visible.

    Wish I could help you a little more. I totally understand the decline in business. I'm having to re-invent myself, too.
  3. by   bizi
    Thank you for your reply.
    I think I will try to donate items for bingos at one assisted living place
    that I used to have a lot of clients but not any more.
    I am really hoping that the pharmacy bags generate new clients.
    I am the only person in this state that I know of doing this business.
    I think there are other forums out there that are specifically for foot care nurses...
    I will have to research that.
  4. by   sirI
    I wish you luck in all you do. Hope you find a way to generate a lot of business.
  5. by   Flockone
    What state are you in?
  6. by   bizi
    louisiana, lafayette....Happy mardi gras!
  7. by   Race Mom
    Quote from bizi
    thank you
    I wonder how other foot care nurses generate new clients?
    I am having a hard time.
    thanks for any input.
    Don't forget to go to your local diabetic shoe stores! Pedorthists could be a good source. Funny story...we just sold our RV to a pedorthist. I didn't know he was a pedorthist, but the conversation came about when my hubby told him he could "buy the RV, but you have to leave your shoes" (haha). His shoes were orange and blue running shoes and my hubby is a long distance runner so he loved the shoes. They said they could give us a good deal on shoes since he works at a shoe store. When I asked which one, he said "I'm what they call a pedorthist". (my grin inserted here). I asked him for some cards since I'm only a few weeks from opening my foot care business. He said they are looking to open their store on Mondays to do foot clinics and the last foot care nurses they had lined up backed out. He told me to go see the manager about doing it! Woot Woot!
  8. by   yrmajesty3
    Hope you're out there Bizi.
    I'd love to know how your marketing is going.
    Mine is very slow. I will be doing a health fair this week. If it goes well,
    I'm planning to create a better brochure and do a few more health fairs
    in the fall. As for now, I only have a few clients found by word of mouth.
    Now if I could only find about 75 more!
  9. by   yrmajesty3
    PASSED!!! CFCN box now checked off! YAY!
  10. by   Race Mom
    I knew you could do it! Awesome!!
  11. by   dawnma
    I am an RN in Texas. I have recently completed a course at Emory University in Atlanta on Foot Care and plan to take the CFCN exam in the near future. I have been providing Foot Care for the Diabetic Population at a large hospital in the outpt setting. I have received many requests from friends and family to help with their elderly family members nail care. I am considering going in to business for myself. The majority of the information I have found is from Canada. Seems this is a big business there. Are any of you guys in the states and doing this self employed? I have only found a couple of people in the states via the internet. Not sure if I am looking in the right place......
    I would love to hear any advice, tips or anything else that may be required to start this business. If there is an organization for Foot Care Nurses I would love that info as well. Thanks, Dawn
  12. by   yrmajesty3
    Hello Dawnma,

    Too much info to share in one short response.
    I am happy to have a chat with you about what we did and are still working on. It is definitely a work in progress. If you haven't already done so, peruse the entirety of past Allnurses foot care threads. They go way back. I found lots of interesting and useful info.

    About a national organization...there's been lots of talk about it by some of us but it just hasn't happened yet. Start-ups always require a lot of time (something nurses tend to be short of).
    I have personally cold-called foot care nurses I've researched on-line for some networking. You won't find a more generous and helpful group of nurses anywhere....without exception! All have willingly shared practice and business experiences. One day, I hope that this informal network might grow up to be a full fledged association.

    About the exam...Make sure you get the Salon Professionals Guide to Foot Care by Godfrey Mix, DPM. It was packed with info that popped up on the exam. Also be sure to check out
    Dr. Overstreet's web site <>. She generously offers tons of free info and video clips. I used these to prepare along with a review of Emory's material. BTW, aren't those Emory instructors wonderful! I really enjoyed that course.

    Good Luck
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  13. by   sallyspring
    Congratulations! The nurses association here in Newfoundland and labrdor is holding a teleconference foot all foot care nurse next month and no doubt, we will have to get certification too.