Dancing...and nursing??

  1. I absolutely love dancing and have an interest in the arts. I'm currently back taking dance classes to audition for the Buccs cheerleaders team next year... By then I will have graduated with my BSN. I want to pursue my masters in either NP or CRNA. Recently I've been thinking about ways to incorporate the arts and nursing... The idea was for me to establish some sources (esp as a pro dancer) and experience as an RN and create my own dance studio for nurses/ health care practitioners. The studio would be geared towards adults and any level of dance experience. For serious or fun purposes... Too many times I see nurses begin their career as a size 6 and end up a size 16.. This way the ladies could stay fit and get their sexy back, lol! What do you ladies and gentlemen think? Yay... or nay...?!
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  3. by   LittleWing21
    I think your focus may be too narrow. What would make the dance class appealing to healthcare workers specifically? Dance therapy for patients would be awesome though!
  4. by   jahra
    I am a dancer and a nurse.

    Dance therapy for health care workers! Love it! There is a lack of resources for health care workers.

    The difficult part is as Littlewing pointed out that it is a narrow focus, and many health care workers work shifts.

    You could try to set up a class at your local hospital and see what the reception is.

    Dance therapy is an entity on its own and your need to be certified.
    Here is a link from the association.


    I also have some other ideas, feel free to pm me.

    I'll be in my studio--