Advice on starting an antepartum/postpartum/newborn home health care agency...

  1. I am an L&D/well baby RN who is looking at possibly opening up a home health care agency in my area that provides home care visits to pregnant mothers and post partum mothers/newborns. There are no such home services provided in this area of Arizona. I am looking for advice/opinions from people who possibly run an agency similar to this or have some good advice on how to begin. I have received a quote from 21st Home Healthcare Consultants for approx $13,000 to establish a new agency (they do everything - certifications, insurance contracts, etc). Anyone out there have experiences with 21st Home Healthcare Consultants? I would really like to try and find a home healthcare consultant in AZ to do this set up process for me, but I have I am having difficulty locating one......
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  3. by   DixieGrace
    I know this post is kinda old but here is my 2 cents. Homecare for new mom will not be hard to market however the problem is finding quality clients who value the service. I started something similar in Texas. There is a demand for the service but the clientele did not want to spend money when they can help cheap labor from illegal immigrants. I came across wealthy families who did not want to pay more than $375 FT per week .
  4. by   DixieGrace
    My advice is for you to start a comprehensive home care for all and not specialize on just new moms.