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What type of business do you own?

  1. 0 What type of business do you own and would you mind sharing your story? All stories welcomed success and unsuccessful stories.
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    WOW!!! 54 visits and no one wants to let me in on their secrets. I was just concerned about what types of businesses where out there and what directons I should or should not take. Thank you all in advance for any help that you can offer
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    Several individuals post here about their businesses. Some good info about getting started:

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    I own an Adult Care Home in Upstate New York.

    I started Nursing three years ago. took the NCLEX this past July was scheduled for the ER because I had previous prehospital experience and patient care experience with my home.

    I did not like the "vibes" I was feeling in the ER and requested to go to a different unit. I am now on a Surgical floor. Tomorrow will be my 6th day and I am nervous as h***!

    But anyway, I continue to run my adult care home. Everyone in the home gets good care and it's not LTC, more of a throwback to the old folks home.........

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    thank you for your reply if you don't mind sharing your knowledge with me you can pm me