Thinking About Starting Up An Education Service

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    I am (as you can see from my name) both a Nurse, and a Firefighter/EMT. I have been teaching CPR and ACLS for over a year now. I teach at our hospital, my fire department, and a few public events. I am certified to teach PEPP, and just finished my certification to be allowed to teach First Responder and EMT-Basic classes in my state. I was thinking about forming a LLC and teaching classes as a part-time self-employment gig on the side (maybe full time in the future). I have good word-of-mouth from the people I have had in class, and from a Nursing School that sends students my way to get CPR certified. I think I would have a fair potential market. I am looking at not only Nurses/EMT/Students, but also at doing community CPR/Friends and Family at daycares, sunday schools, neighborhoods. I am meeting with my CPA later this week to brainstorm some ideas (LLC vs S Corp., etc). So wish me luck everybody, and hopefully I will be a succesfull small business story.

    I just wanted to make my idea official, lol, hoping that by saying it out loud, I will actually follow through with it.
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    Just wanted to wish you much good luck with your venture. Sounds like an excellent service.

    Let us know how it all plays out for you.
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    I think it's a great idea! GO FOR IT!!!

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