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by CNA1991

I am currently looking into what field of nursing I want to pursue and for the longest time, I felt it should be my own business. I have always known that I wanted to work with mothers and Infants ( I have considered NICU,... Read More

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    Hi, sorry to post on a thread, but I would also like to open a birthing center. I am not sure at all where to start. I live overseas, and the hospital births I have seen here are horrible. There is no option for women that want a natural birth, aside from a unattended home birth. I don't think midwives are able to deliver babies here. Is it possible to open a birthing center attached to a hospital. Still have the drs deliver the baby, but with a home birth feel to it. In other worlds, dr just checks the baby with a Doppler, and catches it when it's born! Can anyone oping me in the right direction?
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    No worries! We are all here to learn
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    fast forward! I'm now a lactation educator counselor. I live in Miami but did my training with the university of san Francisco extension and I'm also a birth doula!! My company The Village Maternity Services is scheduled to officially launch Feb 2014 and we will be offering services in the bird road art district of Miami. It was good coming back to this blog! Seeing where I first started while still in nursing school when it was all just a dream. The goal is to still open that birthing center and I'm going to do it! Thank you everyone that gave me input. your suggestions were truly helpful!!!
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