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I found this artricle interesting and hope you do too: Spreading Your Wings: Career Alternatives for Nurses! by: Donna Cardillo, RN, BS My 20-year nursing career has been an incredible journey - a personal journey of... Read More

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    One of the reasons I've been able to hang around in nursing so long is the ability to do other types of fun things instead of nursing fulltime. At one time I had checks coming in from 4 different "jobs." Cash flow is great!

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    Enjoyed it!

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    Thanks for the breath of fresh air.
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    I'm relatively new to this site so this reply is a few years late...LOL! Thanks for sharing your career experience. I've been trying to think of how to merge my nursing and business degrees and maintain a clinician focus. Your post provides a wonderful perspective. Thanks again!
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    I am new to th site as well. 14 yr. LPN and in a bit of a career slump. I have, unfortunately, RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), and Fibromyalgia, plus recovering from fracture of scaphoid bone inleft hand last year which became arthritic, PLUS bad right shoulder in dire need of surgery. ACL problems. That "Ole grey Mare' syndrome I'm afraid has hit this gal prematurley. Now --- I am not sure if its the medications or my mind is slipping too .... but my professional performance is being effected to the point of being discharged from 4 jobs in past 2 years. Unthinkable I know!!! Forgetful.... missing meds ..... poor documentation. All of which I might add I excelled in not 5 years ago. And this was when I was diagnosed with the arthritis.

    Is there hope for the 'Ole Grey Mare'? Or should I consider a career change? :urgycld:
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    Great story!!

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