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OK, just in case this is free advertising, let me say up front, if you have the info I am looking for, can you please pm me?? That said, I want to develop my own website for my biz, and purchase the domain name, which I won't... Read More

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    I have never used front page, but it seems to be the web-builiding equivalent of word, ie works w most web browsers, etc...

    For the geocities Karen, the web space is free, but you can't sell stuff, that's all. I have like 5 or 6 pages, some w music, I think it was up to 25MB?? Can't remember. Just do a google search for free web hosting.

    For geocities, they have a software called pagebuilder. It was a little irritating to learn it, but once you do, and talk w some techno guys in the help forum, you will be OK. I believe it will allow transfer of a FrontPage program.

    Most free sites have siftware you can use. And againm that is what I used for the new site, I don't even know what it is called, but it was waaaaaay easier than the page builder on geocities.

    PLus Karen, w geocites, you will also get a free e-mail addy

    Is your site going to be on home health??

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    Frannie, my other site is here

    my pics are on the web mistress page, but it was a few pounds agao I admit!
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    Jeesh, you kids! I'm still trying to figure out how to link a stupid smiley face into one of my posts!

    I've got an appointment to talk with the head of the Photograpy Department at the college tomorrow....he thinks he can help me with an instructional video. I'll let you know what I come up with.

    Peace and let it begin with me,
    Lois Jean
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    C:\My Documents

    ....and if it don't work then I need some PM instruction from some bright young nurse, (like you, Linda), who can simply expain to a dyslexic, Attention Deficit Disorderly old lady how to do it.

    Peace and let it begin with me,
    Lois Jean
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    Sorry, Hoolie, (sighing alot), I can see already that I need instruction.

    Lois Jean
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    Not quite sure. You have such a great HH website. I'm beginning to think that families need a website to tell them how to take care of loved ones, optionss to maintain themselves at home, prevention of bedsores etc.

    "NRSKaren's Homecare Hint's"....something like that.
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    Karen that is a great idea!!! But even if you wanted to do a nursing web site, there are so few available for HH nurses, esp if you compare to the numbers of web sites for ER and ICU nurses. You can never have enough of either!!!

    LJ, you can't imbed an image from your C-drive unless you attach it here. So go to the real reply button, instead of the quick reply area below, then at the bottom of the screen where you type your message, there is an area for attach image, then a Browse button. Use the browse button, and it will take you to your computer files, find the image and then double click it to attach, then hit reply.

    Hope that helps!! I had to call out sick today I have such a horrendous sinusitis, so call me if you want, and we will figure this out.

    Warning, in order to post the image, it has to be a jpeg, gif, or one or two other kinds of files. If you have adobe picture of paint shop pro, you can change the type of file to one of these by opening the pic in the program, then go to File menu button, click on "Save as..." then when that file window comes up, click on the drop down menu right under the file name, and what always works for me is the Compuserve.gif selection, I never have a problem posting those images here.

    Good luck!!

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