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  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to start a nurse tutor business? or any related websites? prices? Thanks.
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    amazing idea- good luck
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    I have to laugh. I know you are dead serious about this. However, if you go to the nursing student forums, you will find that most of the students are looking for free stuff and free websites to go to for information because most of them are broke. I answer a lot of questions about care plans and I can usually tell from the way a question is worded when a student doesn't have access to a care plan book. The response is they don't have the money to spend on one. It is incredibly hard to find a lot of the free resources many are looking for. I am going to imagine that finding paying clients might be a tad difficult. In the event you might find some for your future business, think of me and care plans and IV therapy. You'll find my posts all over the Nursing Student Assistance and General Nursing Student Discussion Forums.

    Good luck.
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    Quote from muffie
    amazing idea- good luck
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    Quote from angelrnstat
    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to start a nurse tutor business? or any related websites? prices? Thanks.

    I am not sure who your target market is but the beauty of an Entrepreneurial Goal is you are as limited as you want to be. It sounds like you have been thinking about this for a while. What do you envision for your business? I know when I went to school, there was a great need for private tutoring and some of the student did seek this help.

    There is a Forum for Nurse Educators, here on AllNurses. You may want to look through some of the exisiting Threads there. Here is a lin

    I would love to hear more about who your market is and anything else you would like to share.
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    I have been doing this myself for about 4 years. Granted, I'm just getting "extra" money, but I still advertise. Where? At the local Nursing programs, Medical Technology education, etc. I also participate in a Community based Allied Health education, where I teach "Basic Cardiac Monitoring" and of course, I am available for tutoring. I match my rates to what the "average-barely-employed" student can tolerate. Sure, this isn't my live-on salary, but I enjoy sharing what I know.

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    I'm new here and reading this post. Did anyone find anything online? I think that would be a great business to start - it doesn't seem like theres anything out there (that I can find, at least).
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    I am interested in starting a tutoring business for nursing students that target minority student populations in New Orleans Area. I have taught nursing school in the university settings for a number of years and looking forward to starting this business. In addition, I would love to offer spirituality in nursing forum. Feedback please.
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    Wow, what a great idea. You might not attract first time testers with good grades, but for those that don't make it or who have squeaked by in school, I bet that's the first term they'll Google after a good cry. The bigger the city you're in the better. Try to model your class after the SAT or ACT classes by tutors. They give the students test taking tips and then teach them how to narrow down to two choices. For most, that is half the game. Also, if you work in the hospital it wouldn't hurt to ask SD if you can develop a class for CEU's in your specialty, and you teach it once or twice a year. If will give you teaching credentials if you don't have them now. Good Luck!