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Ok, so Mom and I are both certified to teach CNAs and have started a company back in October. Tomorrow is the first time that we will have 'state' in to do the testing. Is there anything specific... Read More

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    I am also thinking of starting a CNA business. I take the certification class next month. Can anyone comment on the start up costs of this venture.

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    I am very interested in starting this type of business. I have been an RN for 30 years and my hubby has been one for 5, and our daughter is in nursing school, so I'm hoping we could do this has a family business someday. I know that in the state we live most of the nursing schools require CNA I to enroll in RN school. My daughter signed up for a four week class at the cost of $400.00 (the $100.00 depositis included in the total cost). Her class had 20 people in it and a new class started each week, so obviously the RN who started this business is being successful. I just don't have a clue how to get started. So, I guess my questions for anyone who has done this are: 1. How do you get the certification to teach CNA class? 2. Is a BSN required (both hubby and I have ADN but are in BSN classes)3. How do you get the equipment for the school (beds, BP cuff etc.)? As you can tell from my questions, I don't really know how to start, but would love to learn. I've worked with fantastic CNA's over the years, and they can make such a huge difference in patient care and the RN's day; I'd love to be a part of their education.

    Anyway, ANY info is appreciated!
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    Hello, I would like to know where you found the info to become a certified Instructor for Nurse Aides....and what state you are in.....I live in Vermont and its very rural, this is a problem. Thanks
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    Quote from Williss2
    I am also thinking of starting a CNA business. I take the certification class next month. Can anyone comment on the start up costs of this venture.

    I don't know what state you are in, but in California, the state regulations stipulate,
    " individual working independently, providing personal care services, may not advertise or represent himself or herself as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

    The reason being, that part of the role of CNA is to follow a care plan written by a Licensed Nurse (in California anyway).
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    Hey guys, congrats on your ideas of looking to starting your own business as educators.

    Just was in atlanta for a conference, really nice city and great people.

    I definitely would like to know on what I can do to help you guys in starting your businesses
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    I know this is a late response to Merced from California, but the certification class I was talking about was the train the trainer class. I am already a licensed RN.
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    Hello, I am also in the process of starting a CNA school and am clueless on how to do so. I have tons of questions on the process of starting this new career; I also want to incorporate bls, acls, pals and cpr services. what do you think? can we talk pls?