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I realized that most of the students in my nursing program (where I teach) are not taking nclex prep courses. They have heard bad things about Kaplan (mostly that it's not so much teaching, but just... Read More

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    I am in the final month of nursing school...I will be taking exit HESI May 1st. I would be interested in a prep for that and the NCLEX

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    In my personal opinion, unless you went to a school with a really poor pass rate, an NCLEX review course is a waste of time and money. I didn't do one, but I did waste a lot of time reviewing. It turns out that my expectations of NCLEX were completely wrong, it does not test you on the level of an experienced nurse, but entry level only. Think about that. It was far easier than the tests I took in nursing school.

    Mind you, I take tests well, but the NCLEX was silly easy. The main issue for most graduates I believe is stress. If tests scare you, work on stress and test taking strategies and forget about content.
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    Ofcourse there are opportunities. A lot of people would like you to have a MSN like a nursing school. Starting form scratch is always an option, but maybe "getting your feet wet" in a company first will help you see if you would like it.

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