Malpractice insurance

  1. 0 I have a small consulting practice, I presently carry 1 million dollars in malpractice. Should I increase this to 5 million?
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    It depends on what your state requires. The norm is 1mil with 3 mil in aggregate. It also depends on what your consulting about and the liability involved.
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    Just curious,
    What kind of consulting do you do? Any suggestions on how to go about establishing yourself as a consultant?
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    The last time Diana posted was in January. I suspect she may not respond. I hope she does.

    I did look at Diana's profile (click on the blue button under her post) and you will see her profile page. She has forensic backround with a certification in Mental Health.

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    Hubby and I own a small consulting company for home health and hospice. This the coverage we carry.

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    I have liability insurance 1:6. I got it from NSO at a rate of $ 89 annually. There are many other companies.

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    I to have 1 : 6 with NSO and have been satisfied till now. You can't beat the price and if filing long form it is considered a tax deduction if you meet your state guildlines. NSO also has a policy for half the price

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