Independant contractor inserting PICC lines in New York Independant contractor inserting PICC lines in New York | allnurses

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Independant contractor inserting PICC lines in New York

  1. 0 interested in doing this....before I get certified I'd like to know if there is a market.... if someone knows ANYTHING about this or can offer some advice... for example if there are nursing homes that need this service.... I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    in IA you have to have a physcian to supervise this work unless you ahve an advance practice degree. If you could also offer the follow-up care (dresssing changes, flushes...) then you could make $ at it but without the advace practice license how are you going to get reembursed??
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    When I worked in a LTC facility, we had a nurse come in at night to manage an IV therapy patient. She was working for a company that provided this service.

    An infusion therapy specialist visited one of my home care clients. The client had a PICC line. The home care nurses were not to chart on this line or have anything to do with the line, according to our employer. The client was receiving a non-FDA approved medication on his own without the agency taking any responsibility for the care. When the nurse arrived, I showed him where the supplies were, gave him an update, and left the room until he was done. Always thought that there was a lot of risk involved there. Wouldn't do anything similar again, now that I'm older and wiser. That nurse was wearing a uniform shirt that had the name of his company on it.

    I don't think I would do infusion therapy on my own due to liability issues.