In Tennessee or other states, who inspects your foot care clinic?

  1. 0 In Tennessee or other states, who inspects your foot care clinic? I have called the Board of Health and the Board of Nursing, no one seems to know. I tried emailing the class at E'Claire? Not sure I spelled that correctly and heard nothing. I haven't researched in a bit and thought before I start up again I would ask the knowledgeable people here. Thanks.
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    I am in Idaho
    I have a clinic site (isn't up and running yet, but I have one). It isn't under any regulation for inspection that I know of. I only accept private pay so no surveyors. I don't know who would inspect it, unless I had a claim against my insurance by a client and a lawyer requested it. Don't know who they would request to do it though (and I don't ever want to find that out). Each state is different, but if you are an independent nurse accepting private pay, I bet you don't have a body of government in the way when it comes to your clinic.
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