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Greetings, All: Today I received an email from Ward James, RN, who represents NAIN, (National Association for Independent Nurses). I had requested information regarding membership to this organization. He responded back to... Read More

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    LoisJean, Great for you! After speaking with you on the phone I hope you know that I think the idea that only an RN is a nurse is a bunch of bunk. Several times I have been all ready to join the ANA through the Michigan Nurse Association, but everytime I end up not doing it. Two reasons. First I just do not feel they are using the political influence that they should have, and secondly because the ANA will not represent LPN's. Considering LPNs are dealing with the same issues that RNs are I see this as foolish. It maintains a rift in nursing that should instead be healed. It is difficult at best to be able to impact healthcare as nurses when there are people out there that do things that split nurses among ourselves. In many ways it is an inability to not see the resources right in front of you. Imagine what a force nurses could be if all nurses were united. As someone said, Mr. James has the unfortunate inability to see the forest for the trees. I took a look at that site too, and this was my take. The only way I could much information was to join, but how do I know that this is a worthwhile association if I can't get the information first? I felt like this guy was more interested in what money he could get than in actually helping nurses become independent. Decided it was not worth my time. The National Nurses in Business Association on the other hand was a wealth of information. Wrote to Pat Bemis, received a prompt reply and information that should prove to be worthwhile. And currently I am not a member, though have every intention on becoming one.
    As my dad used to say, Onward and Upward!

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    I do belong to NAIN, although I was already an independent RN when I joined. I have posted the allnurses discussion about NAINs policy toward LVNsLPNs. I have also posted that there are LVNs billing Medi-Cal as independent providers.

    There have been few responses to my posts and those were mild and generally inclusive; I believe most of us at NAIN are too busy (and fulfilled) running our own businesses to have strong views about the LVN subject.

    Posters here have asked how can they know if it is going to be valuable to individuals to join NAIN. I access the nurses' forum almost as often as I access here and I have a few comments to offer.

    The forum includes almost no gossip, jokes, fun stuff or 'greetings' type posts. It is being used as a tool for independents to network and share real life business and professional information. The information posted tends to be very direct, very factual - hard core stuff to the still difficult business of being an independent RN. We do also share disappointments and encourage one another.

    The principle seems to be (although not overtly stated) that as more nurses blaze the independent trail, it becomes less difficult for others to follow. Most nurses posting at NAIN have a specific piece of information to impart to others or a question to be answered. My impression is that most NAIN members were already very serious about, and part way into independence before joining.

    There is a booklet provided on joining which details some of the steps toward independence in a general way. Each state has slightly different issues for independent nurses (no State Nurse Practice Act disallows independence, by the way).

    I'm sorry you've had a poor experience with NAIN. There are some academic organizations that won't accept me because I don't hold the USA qualication - I hold the UK version instead. Just a small rule; it does not need to aggravate your life.

    Empower ourselves!
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    I joined NAIN found it unsuupportive. I found a lot of attitude comming from ADN nurses on thier forum and in thier booklet. I posted several times to the forum and received not one useful answer.

    I discovered NNBA later and Found Pat Bemis was genuinly careing and interested about what I was doing. Lots of help, information, and support.

    Gess who I will renew with.
    NAIN was happy to take my money but did not deliver anything useful.

    My dear, if you are a nurse and have a business you belong in NNBA. I have to question the legitmacy of the other org. which seem self serving of those collecting our membership$$

    If they are tooo bussy with their fablous businesses to support anyone else then why have such an org. unless it is just one more way to line thier own pockets. It's like the guy who sells books on how to make a million and the only thing he tells you is to sell books on how to make a million because that is the way he makes money.

    There is not even a status benefit in NAIN. He!!, they tell you up front they don't even want thier names on the letter head. Because a client hospital might not contract with them if they seem to support other nurses.
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    Lois Jean, I commend you for your ambition and spirit, and that organization is NUTS not to want you as a member!!

    I have a suggestion for a future business opportunity for you: why not assemble and sell a 'how to' brochure detailing how nurses can set up an independent foot care business of their own in other areas of the country?

    There are SO MANY nurses who would like to do something like you are doing...and would be happy to pay a fee for your guidance and 'start up' advice.

    Best wishes in your business and keep posting!!
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    Originally posted by nightngale1998

    I chose National Nurses in Business Association. Try speaking with the President. I think you will be pleased with the way the business promotes all nurses. If it is anydiffernt then that let me know and I will not renew my membership.

    In all things, great and SMALL... consider the source.


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    Jean Luise, I just read your second post. What elequence. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    You have given me, all of us, insignts. I will think long and hard about what you have said and incorporate it into my business operation.
    I am printing your post so I have it for future reference. It is just too beautifully written and well said not to keep it.
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    Over the past serveral days I have read and re-read Lois Jeans message. I printed it and the words jump off the page. I hear here shouting. This is passion.
    Dale Carnagie said to get a man over the fear of public speaking you only need to get him mad about something. With passion you can do anything. What is it you are mad about? Now tell us about it. Now don't hold back, take action and suceed.

    It is her passion that has moved us so.

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