how to start my own homemaker agency?

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    anyone can share experience about starting a homemaker agency? I am an RN and just want to know what are the steps to set up my own business. any websites are good for review? any documents/licenses I need to apply for in my first step? how can I be one of the agency connected to PCA? thanks for any ideas and suggestions.
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    You might want to look at your state health dept requirements for licensing. Here's a brief overview: Starting a Non-Medical Home Care Company in 10 Steps. Good luck!
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    Some states don't require a license (from the state, regulated by the state board of healthcare- as in nursing home, etc.) to operate a non-medical home care agency. But you need a local business permit and local and state and federal tax I.D. numbers. Then, hire some people or do it yourself. The term homemaker is out of date- they call that a maid service, now.

    Here's a good website to peruse, remember- it's from AZ, and may not apply to you. Details the types of homecare, licensing requirements, pros and cons, what does and does not require a license, etc.:

    Home Health Care Agencies, Articles, Job Openings, Employers, Employees
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    Are you talking about providing housekeeping services, or having a home for people?

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