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I have a lot of friends from India and South Africa who wanna work in US but have no access to get in. I have helped two of them got their RN license and now working in my hospital. Of course, hospital gave me a referring reward... Read More

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    the state dept officially stated that the schedule a numbers (green card quota for rn & pt) will expire probably in october. there is a general consensus among employers and recruiters that additional visas will be made available maybe within 6 months to 2 years.

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    i think that what you have done is great. i know nurses in nigeria and would like to assist them to coming to the u.s. if you can provide any advise, please do email me privately.

    best of luck in your endeavors.

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    Hello All,
    Your thoughts on setting up an agency make fantastic reading. However, I am in the United Kingdom. Just finishing off my BSc Nursing. I've been told that the job situation is dire, with little chance of finding work immediately. My bursary ends this month and quite frankly, I feel a sense of panic setting in.

    Then the idea occurred to me. I followed my instincts and searched for agency nursing. I've not yet come across anyone who has set one up in the UK and I would dearly love to begin the process. I've been given a business plan of one running in the South of England (I live in the North of England). But not clear, how to go about working with HR and finding work. I would do the work first, when I'm registered. Not sure about the marketing, negotiating, retaining staff and salaries aspect. I've been given some space rent free. I'm also gearing up to asking my bank manager for a start up loan.

    Alternatively, Social Enterprise grants are the in-thing for entrepreneurs looking to combine private with voluntary work. I'm trying to see if I can get a grant to start up and then incorporate later.

    Wow! Just writing about it like this is getting me all motivated!!!

    Can anyone out there advise a wannabe agency recruiter of care workers where to start? I would like to own the agency, rather than share it, or am I being a bit untrusting?

    Cheers and good luck to all your ventures..

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