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    The old thread was more about certifying in this, not as an Entrepreneur. We'll keep this strictly "business".

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    thank you
    I wonder how other foot care nurses generate new clients?
    I am having a hard time.
    I just started advertising in the yellow book, printed and on line. This is expensive.
    Also my ad on the backs of my local pharmacy bags will be coming out soon. This was cheap!
    Hope it works!
    I was approached by a low income housing project manager to provide discounted foot care
    and am not wanting to do this, but may have to...we are dipping into savings since my business has decreased.
    I am losing more clients then I am getting new ones to replace them.
    Podiatrists are in the nursing homes, I am in several assisted living facilities, they know me. Advertising in a senior paper for 6 months never got a call. Sent letters to DON's of home care companies....I am running out of ideas.
    thanks for any input.
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    I agree the Yellow Pages are very expensive.

    Are you able to go to conventions, workshops, seminars and exhibit your business? I do that with my Medical-Legal consulting business.

    Have you considered creating brochures and/or newsletters and sending to current/potential clients, outlining what your business has to offer?

    Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce? You can normally get great deals on advertising with what they send out in the County.

    If you have already established contact with your client(s), you could utilize email updates/interesting information regarding your line of business.

    You could try sending "discount" flyer services to current/potential clients.

    Have you tried luncheons for clients? Get in the door and do a presentation of your business.

    We do not have the same business, but are Entrepreneurs and can share similar ideas.
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    Thank you sir1,
    I appreciated your feed back.
    I am such a small business.....and money is tight right now.
    I think I am regretting taking out the ad in the yellow pages now.
    I will look into the chamber, see how expensive it is.
    I have done health fairs in the past with out any luck...
    I still do one because they are so nice to me.
    I give out mini manicures while there, the ladies love it!
    I look at it as community service really.
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    I tried the Yellow Pages for a couple years and was a bust plus very expensive.

    Do you belong to a local/state/national chapter for Foot Care?

    Once you do initial design of brochures/newsletters, the expense is minimal.

    I'd certainly stick with Health Fairs, etc.

    I like doing luncheons for clients/potential clients. Once you have your presentation created, not all that expensive. Sometimes, when doing a luncheon, that's all it is. No "shop talk", but I'm visible.

    Wish I could help you a little more. I totally understand the decline in business. I'm having to re-invent myself, too.
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    Thank you for your reply.
    I think I will try to donate items for bingos at one assisted living place
    that I used to have a lot of clients but not any more.
    I am really hoping that the pharmacy bags generate new clients.
    I am the only person in this state that I know of doing this business.
    I think there are other forums out there that are specifically for foot care nurses...
    I will have to research that.
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    I wish you luck in all you do. Hope you find a way to generate a lot of business.
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    What state are you in?
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    louisiana, lafayette....Happy mardi gras!
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    Quote from bizi
    thank you
    I wonder how other foot care nurses generate new clients?
    I am having a hard time.
    thanks for any input.
    Don't forget to go to your local diabetic shoe stores! Pedorthists could be a good source. Funny story...we just sold our RV to a pedorthist. I didn't know he was a pedorthist, but the conversation came about when my hubby told him he could "buy the RV, but you have to leave your shoes" (haha). His shoes were orange and blue running shoes and my hubby is a long distance runner so he loved the shoes. They said they could give us a good deal on shoes since he works at a shoe store. When I asked which one, he said "I'm what they call a pedorthist". (my grin inserted here). I asked him for some cards since I'm only a few weeks from opening my foot care business. He said they are looking to open their store on Mondays to do foot clinics and the last foot care nurses they had lined up backed out. He told me to go see the manager about doing it! Woot Woot!
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