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    I have been a visiting nurse and hospice nurse for over 20 years and have recently decided to take on some extra work providing foot care in the home. It seems that there is a great need for this because my clients are always asking me to provide foot care for them. Due to this economy I really do need the extra work especially before Christmas.
    I don't know where or how to get started. I just discovered this website and hope that someone can give me some much needed advice.Please help.Desperate nurse in Virginia

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    moved to our entrepreneurs in nursing forum: see the thread foot care training for info!
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    In VA, are you able to bill insurance directly? That's not necessarily a must.

    I work with a lot of disabled clients who have to see a DPM regularly for foot care, but one service that would greatly help is having someone come into the home and providing care.
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    You can get invaluable information and even become a CFCN ...Certified Foot Care Nurse through the Wound Ostomy Continence Board. Also good info from
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    Is there anyone here from IL who has a certificate in nail/foot care who can supervise the clinical portion to go along with the 4-part DVDs from MUSC?

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