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Diabetes Foot Care

  1. 0 I'm currently a nursing student and learning about diabetes.

    I understand all of the instructions for foot care of a client with diabetes except one...
    "Apply moisturizing cream to your feet daily after bathing. Do not apply to area between toes."

    Can anyone give me the rationale for not applying it between your toes????

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Because it makes a moist warm environment for bacteria and fungus to grow.Any break down of skin there can lead to infection and possible complications especially in a diabetic with neuropathy.
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    I think the issue is that the diabetic could develop a fungal infection between the toes, and since many diabetics have neuropathy (impaired or absent sensation in the feet), the fungal infection could go unnoticed.

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    Thanks! I was on the right track. I thought it might make a favorable environment for infection, but I was confused on why you should moisturize everywhere else on the foot though.
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    The rest of the foot is flat and open to the air.therefore more prone to drying out .Cracks in dry skin will let in infection and ,again,especially with neuropathy this can turn into something far more serious.
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    Awesome! thanks!!!

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