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i suppose i'm asking, its not that bad, but i'm at my wits end. i've been dizzy for a week - vertigo. i spin, or the room spins. bad headaches off and on, some nausea. no recent colds, no running nose, no itchy eyes, no sinus... Read More

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    Quote from sunshineonleith
    i think the idea is that you get seen in the ED and then immediately referred to an oral surgeon on site at the hospital. i called and spoke with the triage nurse at the hospital in question and she said that particular program had been shut down. so now i'm back to calling around trying to get in somewhere faster, where i can pay. thanks for your replies, guys. this sucks.
    Hey, I'm sorry for you. Nursing school is hard enough w/o health-related interferences. Are they sure it's not an ear infection? Very similiar sx. Good luck. Hope this gets resolved soon. Let us know ...

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    I have vertigo and it can be horrible and debilitating. Of course only a Dr can tell you what is causing your vertigo but make sure you ask him about it being an inner ear problem and performing the Epley--it totally cures my vertigo and can be done at home:
    Video 2 I think is the one, though both are good.

    Here is a message board concerning Inner Ear Disorders if you find that is the case:

    Good luck. When I had my first attack of vertigo I went to the ER cause I was scared to death. They told me I was dehydrated. It was horrible. I was in bed for about a month dealing with this and couldn't even take care of my kids, all I could eat was Ensure for a month!! So the ER is probably not the best place to go, an ENT would be the best bet for this. I don't have any insurance either
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    Quote from nenern
    we see dental problems/pain fairly frequently, but don't do any interventions for it other than pain relief and/or antibiotics along with a dentist referral. i'm surprised to hear that any er would pull out wisdom teeth--are you sure that they would or is that a word of mouth type thing? there is a commonly prescribed med for the dizziness though, that may help.
    my last two hospitals were associated with both medical and dental schools. we did do dental interventions in the er. i worked for a transplant icu, and we'd bring our inpatients down to the dental portion of the er for dental evaluations prior to being considered for transplant. so i'm not surprised that some ers would pull wisdom teeth. of course, the dental residents and dental students are probably going to do it, not an experienced attending. if that doesn't matter to you, go for it.

    good luck -- dentists scare me silly!
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    A very similiar thing happened to me. I had a major vertigo 'event', as I like to call it. I thought I must be having a stroke. It was awful! I really wanted to go to the ER, but I was too dizzy to get up and go. Every time I moved the room spun around and around.

    It went away, but I had slight dizziness for a long time. Then a friend of mine did a manuever and cured my vertigo forever!!! Thanks Goodness. Vertigo is the worst!

    Until I did the manuever, I carried chewable Meclizine in my pocket everwhere I went. Here's another link in addition to the one posted above by a PP.
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    Do you live near a dental school, where they train dentists? You could probably get it done there for nothing. If there is one somewhere within driving distance, it would certainly be worth the drive. Good luck.
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    I believe you would get antibiotics, pain med and a referral to a dental clinic. Good luck.
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    Oops, by the way, NO I would not laugh at you, pain is nothing to laugh at.

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