When the patient can't breathe, and you can't think

  1. December 14th, 2011
    Emergency Medicine Updates

    When the patient can't breathe, and you can't think: The emergency department life-threatening asthma flowsheet

    Life-threatening asthma is uncommon and difficult to study; we may never have better evidence and it's time to add ketamine to the kitchen sink. This flowsheet incorporates ketamine into a stepwise approach to the severe asthmatic for the emergency clinician who may not remember drip rates and vent settings when her own heart rate is 140.
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  3. by   medicmatt44
    I would like to add that the authors of this algorithm have erroneously replaced continuous nebulization using a continuous nebilizer with continuous nebulization using a standard nebulizer set up.

    1) A continuous nebulizer is different than a standard nebulizer. A precise dose and flow rate are required.

    2) One could use a standard nebulizer, but modifications to the nebulizer set up are warranted.

    Additionally, the algorithm omits the administration of Heliox and inhaled corticosteroids such as Decadron.