Whats the best thing you like about the ER? Whats the least you like? - page 2

Im a med surge nurse with 1.5 years experience in ortho neuro trauma at a level 1 hospital . I am used to getting 2-4 admits and doing about 3-4 discharges a day. I would love to advance to the ER. I have an offer, but a part... Read More

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    can anyone give me some good examples of nursing exemplars form ER experience?? looking for my nsg classes,thank you.

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    The best part about the ED is the autonomy, camaraderie, fast-paced critical situations, the crazy stories and the downtime at night.

    The worst is having to deal with patients.
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    I agree with everyone else, but the absolute worst for me is when the hospital is full and have to hold pts in the ER when they have a ton of floor orders. There's a reason I'm not a floor nurse so I hate having holders, especially 2-4 at a time.
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    the best part is the dynamic of the ER, no 2 days are the same-every shift is a learning opportunity.

    the worst part are the unappreciative pt's, usually drunk or there for ridiculous primary care.
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