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TNCC for New Grad

  1. 0 I'm a new grad (well, last year), and I'm interested in taking the TNCC course in Massachusetts, but I haven't found any classes around. Does anyone know where I can find information about TNCC courses in Massachusetts? I haven't had much luck in my job hunt, and I'm hoping more certifications, like the TNCC, will help.

    Thank you!
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    if its not working,
    go to ENA's website, click courses/education, then TNCC, then click your state.
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    TNCC is a good choice, but I'm prejudiced being an ER nurse. ACLS might open more doors. Good Luck.
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    I wouldn't recommend TNCC if you don't have any ER work experience. My employer suggested I take TNCC after 6 months of working in the ER. If you plan on not working the ER, its pointless and a waste of money. Most ER don't require TNCC unless its a level 1 or 2 trauma designation.

    I would suggest the basics like BLS, PALS, and ACLS.
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    TNCC is a hard class compared to bls or acls. the answers are spoon fed to you like in the other classes. i wouldn't recommend it w/o experience
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    I do not recommend it without experience. Won't make a lick of difference on your resume either.
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    I would advise you to take the TNCC. It is a great class to nail down head to toe assessments, regardless of your specialty. Will it open doors for you? Probably not, except that it will show your willingness to continue your education. I precept new grads in the ER as well as nurses that are changing specialties. The TNCC makes you focus on what is the priority.