1. Hello everyone!

    I am currently working in a local 28-bed ER and I plan on traveling after i get two years in the ER under my belt (currently 1 telemetry and 1 ER). I want to make myself more marketable and am preparing to have my TNCC and CEN by the end of the year.

    I take my TNCC at the end of May and just received my course manual in the mail. What are your thoughts on taking TNCC and then preparing for CEN? Will TNCC help with the CEN? How long should i prepare? Tips? Suggestions? I understand that preparation is individualized, but i'd love some insight from others regarding their experiences.
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  3. by   Euro_Sepsis
    TNCC is just a standardized framework for approaching trauma patients, similar to how ACLS is your algorithmic starting point for brady, tachy, or pulseless. Don't stress too much about preparing for the class itself. Just make the most of your time in the class.

    But keep your study manual because all of the trauma questions on the CEN exam are based on TNCC standards.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    Trauma is a small portion of the CEN, but TNCC will help with that portion.

    Make sure you do some studying for TNCC — learning the trauma nurse process (TNP) will help you for the class. Not everyone passes! Some people just get nervous.
  5. by   nurse2033
    That all sounds good. I'm a big fan of Sheehy's book published by ENA. This will really prepare you for CEN, oh and your job.
  6. by   mickeyrose912
    Awesome! I am going to take TNCC and then read over Sheehy's mannual and watch some youtube videos.

    Any other suggestions? Is there a recommended site or book to do practice questions?

    for those of you that took the CEN what did you do to prepare/think of the test?
  7. by   Euro_Sepsis
    I bought the online version of the CEN exam review book and took the practice exams (~50 questions a night) and studied the rationales. Took the test after about 2 weeks and passed.