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I am a senior nursing student and will be graduating from school with my BSN in 10 days. During my last semester, I completed 168 clinical hours with a preceptor in a very small emergency department (7 beds). I loved my... Read More

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    I started at a Level 1 trauma center right out of school. I did my capstone semester in a 26 bed ED and went from that to a county ED. Unfortunately, many ERs are treated like clinics, so you will get that anywhere. When you are interviewing find out about the culture of the staff. A good ED has a staff that works together and never leaves any nurse to fend for themselves. Teamwork is imperative in an ED. No critical patient is ever treated by just one nurse in our ED. We all pitch in and help out to make sure that everything is done and the patient is cared for appropriately. Your training program is important too. We do an 18 week residency where we are in class and prevented in clinical. It's huge in us learning how to be a good ED nurse. Again, find out about the culture, management, style of the ED, etc. Good luck!
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