1. Does anyone you the software sorian at their work?
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  3. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Nope. Sorry. Why? Is it good/bad?
  4. by   BVFD 333
    Use to use it at a prior job. Why?
  5. by   A.Brook
    In my hospital we use Soarian as a facility wide system. Before we got our new ER system, Picis Pulsecheck (which is awesome), we had Soarian in the ER. I did not like Soarian for our purposes, mainly related to charting as there are much better and focused ER systems out there. However, as a med-surg/unit application I have found Soarian to be pretty damn good and easy to use.
  6. by   Jboston
    In our ER, in a small rural hospital, Soarian is used throughout the hospital, everywhere except in the ER. This past November our ER went (finally) from paper documentation to EMR, utilizing Picis (we still call it IBEX). I love this system, however we are having to document our medication reconciliation in Soarian, then document the allergies in there is a lot of back of forth for us that can get a bit frusterating. I've navigated Soarian a good bit as a nursing supervisor, and have found that all EMR's are basically the same. For me, it's just been a matter of getting used to that system's "flow" for procedures and assessments.