Should I go for RN or LPN? Should I go for RN or LPN? | allnurses

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Should I go for RN or LPN?

  1. 0 I am 27 with 3 small children. I can't decide on whether to go to school to be an RN or LPN. Is it worth the extra year in school to be an RN? I want be able to work as soon as possible, but my schooling and childcare would be paid for 100%, so part of me wants to take advantage of this and go for RN. The only thing I know is that I want to work with the elderly.(I love old people!)And I would like to only work weekends. What are the pros and cons to either becoming a RN or LPN?
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    RN. Can't name five LPNs I've worked with consistently in the last seven years. Dying out.
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    Would suggest RN. Most of the LPN's that I have worked with over the years have gone on to get their RN. They become frustrated by the things that they can't do because they are LPN's.
    Thoughts from a genuine antique nurse.
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    R.N. At this point, go for the education that will give you the most options (so R.N with an easy option to pick up a BSN later would be the best). An extra year spent now will certainly pay off in the future. Good Luck!
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    Go for the RN - get the most education you can get . I'm an LPN and very happy with my job , but if I were going to start over it would be the RN program . This will give you more options as far as what you want to do in nursing . Good Luck with whichever you decide.