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so this is my last week of orientation and I'm off on my own next week. I still don't feel ready, and was denied more request for training. To keep up I know something has to give. I'm ok... Read More

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    Our patient load is anywhere from 1-6...again depending on the patient's acuity. And I think that with time you do learn how to handle a larger patient load, but the patient load you are talking about is too big for anybody. Mistakes will and probably occur multiple times. Burn-out would be a huge issue I would think. Glad to hear you have personal professional insurance. Most hospitals say they will protect you (the nurse), but if it comes down to losing millions of dollars vs losing a nurse...most hospitals will hang a nurse out to dry and let them take the brunt of the responsibility. I have heard hospital administrators call nurses "a dime a dozen". Protect yourself and your patients above all. If you are having to talk yourself into need to move to a different unit/company.

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    In my ER we never have more than 4 patients per nurse (except on breaks. {actually, the minor nurse may have 10 - 12 but those are usually fingers lacs, earache = walkie talkies}. Sometimes, it is 4 admitted pts with tons of meds, or a mix of new ER and admits. Something I've learned since I've started: one thing at a time. (yes, you might be doing more than one thing at any given time, but if you can prioritize and assess/give meds to the most critical pt.first, then go on to the next task). I can't even imagine trying to take care of 10-12 admitted patients all at once - that sounds like unsafe practice to me. If you go into a pts. room for any reason, do vitals, ask if they need anything else while you're in there (may cut down on call bellitis...)

    Good luck
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    Very unsafe! We have 4:1 ratio. You have to talk to your er director or don .also check your department policy and standards
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    Holy cow, I'm in orientation in the ED and we have a maximum patient load of 4, I couldn't handle 12.

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